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Is 'Batch and Blast' Your E-Mail Strategy?

Lately I've heard a number of B-to-B catalogers complain about falling e-mail response rates and rising unsubscribe rates. It very quickly comes to light that, for the most part, they're following a “batch and blast” e-mail strategy. They form an … Continue reading

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Operational E-Mail: Discover True One-to-One Communication

With the sophistication of Web 2.0 generation e-commerce systems, I’m seeing more and more creative uses of e-mail. I’m thinking about individual, tailored e-mails generated by your e-commerce or order-management system rather than the bulk e-mails sent out as part … Continue reading

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How to avoid the dreaded "delete" key.

Each morning as I open my e-mail, I sit with my index finger perched on the delete key. I suspect I’m like many others. Today’s e-mail environment has trained us all to be “vicious deleting machines.” We scan every sender … Continue reading

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